W. B. Moore Inc.
1049 Bushkill Drive
Easton, PA 18042
(610) 559 - 9474

   W. B. Moore Inc. was established in 1989 to supply the biotechnology industry with service and parts support for fermentation equipment and associated systems. Initially the focus was on service and pilot plant rebuild area. Today we have refined our scope to the areas of speciality stainless steel fabrication, whether full systems or minor fabrications.

Now W. B. Moore Inc. offers a full line of related systems for the biotechnology industry with a special emphasis on custom systems. We supply items for decontamination, chromatography, inoculation and other aspects of the microbial and tissue field. We offer engineering services with CAD/CAM/CNC capability (Solidworks and Fusion360). Our engineering staff has experience in GMP, CIP, control, piping and vessel design.

W. B. Moore Inc. is located in Easton, Pennsylvania where we maintain our engineering, sales and manufacturing facility.

W. B. Moore Inc. offers the following sevices and products to the biotechnology industry:
Stainless Steel Skid Fabrications Helium Leak Testing
Special Systems Fabrications Orbital Welding Service
Custom Valve Fabrications Custom Filter Fabrications
Stainless Steel Welding Mechanical & Electro Polishing
Passivation Services Chemical Derouging / Cleaning


Scale Cart Roll Around CIP System 20 Liter Pilot Plant Cell Cart
60 Liter Pilot Plant Twin Incubator System Filter Skid 50 Liter Bioreactor